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Fire & Smoke Restoration Services

Millions of fires happen every day all over the world. A home is where families live most of their lives daily. Most of the time, fires consume a majority of people’s lives most prized possessions. Such items are irreplaceable and cannot get a duplicate. 

However, in most events, the building structure of the home is salvageable for the restoration process. The HomeStar Group has spent years providing our services to people and helping them rebuild or restore their home after a fire event occurs.

  • 24 HR Emergency Services
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire & Smoke Restoration
  • Water Removal & Drying
  • Oder Control
  • Immediate Board Up & Tarp
  • Cleanup
  • Fire Damage Assessment
  • Removal of Smoke & Soot From ALL Surfaces


The HomeStar Group has been in the Home Restoration Industry for over    years. We understand how much you value your home and what it means to you. You spend your life savings or work your whole life to purchase the home of your dreams. Then disaster strikes and within minutes your home is in flames with no warning.  

The HomeStar Group dedicates our time and efforts to helping people recover and restore from these disastrous events each day our doors are open for business to the Atlanta community. We do our best to restore your home to the state it was in before disaster struck. Let Us give you the same satisfaction that we have given many of our clients in the past and let us help you recover your home back to its original image.

Our service technicians have been trained with expertise skills and special techniques within this industry to carry out every task the Fire and Smoke Restoration process contains. So that it will give you back your home fully restored back to its previous conditions before the fire. 

The HomeStar Group is a private independently owned and operated Atlanta GA business that offers a wide range of services. Everything from Commercial and Residential property restoration to Home Building, we service all kinds of needs inside both categories! 

Our company has specialized equipment and technicians that can complete any job!  Big or small, we have experience in every type of project for anything within the industry. Licensed and Insured and maintained all up-to-date safety procedures and regulations.

When disaster strikes, the last thing you want to do is to deal with the insurance company in times like this it can seem stressful with such hassle that comes from dealing with the insurance companies. Don't worry; we will assist you throughout the entire process and work with the insurance company. 

We understand how stressful times like these can be for any family to experience. Therefore, our administration team will do everything they can to provide you with help to make the me spent getting the home back to its original state prior to the fire The HomeStar group will hold your hand every step of the way through the entire process. 

Although it can create a bit of a challenge but it's not impossible. Everything from damage cleanup to water removal to eliminating smoke odor down to removing the soot off of the walls. We do it all and more within this industry.

Once the flames are put out by the fire dept, you may become uncontrollable stressful to manage from the anxiety of not knowing what to do to start over. Therefore, we would like to offer you this checklist to help guide you on the things that you should do after the fire. 

Use this checklist to help you Remember what steps you should do Immediately after any Fire Event: 

Before you re-enter your property, Always wait or ask the Fire Dept. if it safe that you 

Get in touch with any immediate family members and inform them of what has happened and that your ok.

If you have pets, check on them and ensure the safety of them and arrange temporary housing placement for them.

Contact all utility companies such as gas, lights, water, cable, internet companies and inform them of the events that have taken place in order for them to take necessary action or procedures for billing reasoning's.

If you have HomeOwners Insurance, Call them and inform them of what has happened so they can start the process of the claim.

Call your mortgage company and inform them. Also, keep them informed throughout the whole process for the road to recovery.

  1. Call us! Let The HomeStar Group set up an appt for one of our Specialists to meet with you and assess the damage done to your home and start the road to recovery to get your life back on the right track. 
  2. Go to the responding Fire Dept that came out at the time of the fire emergency and be sure to ask to get a copy of the Fire Incident Report. Ask them to explain what the information in the document states and ask whatever questions you may have regarding the document. Keep a certified copy for yourself as you will need this for the Insurance Claim Purposes.
  3. Document all fire damage. Make a list of everything that you notice that got destroyed by the fire or damaged by the water used to put out the fire. Take photographs and video footage and write any important detailed notes of damage to property. 
  4. Once the Fire Dept allows clearance to re-enter the property and deemed safe to return to, go to the property and retrieve any valuable belongings and any other irreplaceable heirlooms before leaving the property.
  5. Contact your local police department to notify them that your home will be vacant because of the circumstances and that no one else should be there until further notice. This will help ensure that the property will have less of a chance to be vulnerable to a break-in.
  6. Talk to your children’s school staff and teachers to let them know that your children are going through a stressful time and may need extra support.
  7. Notify your local Post Office to hold or forward your mail to where you plan to stay at or renting a PO Box from them might be a better solution for you depending on your living arrangements.
  8. Start replacing important documents that were lost in the fire (licenses, passports, birth certificates, etc.) As, for you will more than likely need some of these documents as you proceed throughout the Insurance Claim Process.
  9. Fires can be traumatic for your entire family. Take care of everyone’s emotional needs and, if needed, schedule counseling.
  10. If a wildfire event occurred and was the direct cause for losing your home, you may apply for Fire Management Assistance from your local State Government Agencies. Ask the Fire Dept or Police Dept for any information for whom to contact about this program or if any program like such is offered by your State Resources.
  11. For disaster relief, contact your local Red Cross or The Salvation Army for immediate help on Temporary placement for housing, food assistance, and any clothing needs you may have because of losses from the events of the fire.

 Here are the services that The HomeStar Groups offers for Fire and Smoke Restoration:

  • Removal and repair of any damage caused by the water used during the time they were suppressing the fire by the Fire Dept.
  • Drying out any upholstered furniture, carpets, curtains, or fabric related items that came into contact with water to prevent any set up of mold and mildew from further damaging the items.
  • Fire Restoration Services:
  • Ventilating smoke damaged rooms and using a humidifier to rid the air in the room of odor from the smoke damage.
  • Removal of any items beyond salvageable for repair
  • Demolition of the charred areas done to any of the building structure of the home that will need replaced or rebuilt.
  • Soot left behind by the fire will need to be removed from all textile and other hard surfaces throughout the entire home. This includes using combinations of toxic chemicals to remove all harmful effects of contamination from the soot. Afterwards, these items will have to be disinfected from these toxic chemicals used so they can be reused. 
  • Smoke Restoration Services:
  • Remove and soot or smoke damages that affect non - textile surfaces such as walls and floors.
  • We must use special chemicals in the removal of any lingering odor from the smoke throughout the entire home even if the area was not in direct contact with the smoke or fire areas.
  • Smoke odor from a fire can penetrate all the spaces of the building, including between the walls and in the ducts. Our professionals will use a process called “thermal fogging” to remove the odors from any porous material in the home.  

Insurance Process

Fire, water, storm, wind. Any of these can devastate your home and your life. Your priority must be to get the damage fixed and get back into your home.

Fire & Smoke Damage

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