Mold Remediation

Some mold is present in all indoor environments. Only when moisture allows it to grow does it become a problem. When you are presented with a mold problem in one of the buildings that you insure, call The Homestar Group for a professional to eliminate the potential health problem.

The Homestar Group professional will safely clean up the mold and discover the origin of the moisture that allowed it to grow. By removing this source of moisture, the mold will be suppressed and not reoccur, allowing your customer to return to the building safely.

It is important to have a professional remediate for mold for several reasons. A professional will know where to look for hidden mold, as in HVAC ducts and behind vinyl wallpaper. The professional can also identify especially toxic forms of mold and use appropriate personal protective equipment.

Your Homestar professional will also use the appropriate cleanup method for each category of material. These methods include, wet vacuuming, chemical washing, HEPA vacuuming, and removing and replacing materials that are too damaged to clean. He will also choose the best containment plan for keeping the mold from spreading during remediation so that the mold is not spread during cleaning.

Finding the cause of the moisture is imperative to keep the mold from coming back. The Homestar Group professional will check for roof leaks, unvented appliances, poorly graded landscaping, cracks in the foundation, slow leaks in plumbing fixtures and even high humidity. Any of these can cause a rise in mold spores throughout a building. Your professional can repair any of these defects.

Eliminating excess mold correctly the first time will allow your customers to return to their building without the worry of allergic reactions, asthma attacks, opportunistic infections, or other health risks.

Other Insurance Claims

Fire, water, storm, wind. Any of these can devastate your home and your life. Your priority must be to get the damage fixed and get back into your home.

Fire & Smoke Damage

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a fire in your home or office, then you know that the fire damage extends to more than just the property. So why not rely on the people that care about getting you and your family back in your home or business and let The Homestar Group deal with your insurance company, so that you don’t have to?

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Flood & Water Damage

If your insured customer has water damage from a flood or from the suppression of a fire, their first priority is to dry and clean their property. With professionals from Homestar, you can be assured that your customer satisfied with the restoration of their building.

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Storm & Wind Damage

After a major storm, building damage can take the form of anything from missing shingles to a missing roof to broken windows to water damage. By hiring Homestar professionals to assess the damage and repair it, you can be assured that customer’s structure will be made whole again.

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