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A Deck or Patio is an extension of your home and therefore as much consideration, effort and planning should go into your patio or deck design, just as with any other room in your home. Whether you will utilize your new outdoor space for entertaining or for gardening, we will help you to consider all of your options to come up with the best deck or patio design for your family.

When preparing to begin your patio or deck design, we recommend that you make a list of the ways that you will occupy this extension of your home and what features you would like included in your new outdoor space. It is essential to consider the area that you live in, your budget, as well as your lifestyle in order to select the best layout, materials, and design so that your deck or patio will stand the test of time, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.

Single or Multi-Level Patio or Deck Design

In addition, you will also need to weigh in other factors such as your current landscape, terrain, and location before deciding on a final layout. For example, if you have a sloped yard, then a multi-level design might be a solution.

Multiple levels can create visual interest, while also offering additional space. With a multi-level deck, you can be even more creative with your space, by creating different areas (rooms) for grilling and relaxing and you can reap the benefits of having both covered and uncovered spaces.


How and where you will access your new deck or patio is another consideration. While some homeowners choose to have their deck or patio directly outside their back door depending upon your use, you may consider another area depending upon on how you intend to use the deck or patio, such as near the kitchen area.

Stairs, Rails, and Pathways

When planning your deck, consider whether you want one or more sets of stairs to the ground level. If your deck is constructed on or near ground level, you may have the ability to install a tiered platform around the base of the deck or patio, this will open up your deck even more and allow easy access for kids and adults alike. In addition, if your deck or patio is constructed at ground level, then you may be able to eliminate the need for railings, which could enhance your view. While pathways can connect areas of the deck to other areas of the yard or space for easier access. Please consult with your local code enforcement office, or check with your contractor to be sure a railing isn’t necessary.

Covered or Uncovered

If you want an open space to grow a variety of plants, you’re probably going to enjoy the benefits of an uncovered deck. Yet, if you prefer a shady place to cool off with an icy beverage in the afternoon, then a covered deck might be ideal for you. However, if a covered deck is not your style, then an alternative and a trending compromise are a Pergola. Pergolas are a timeless tradition which offers partial shade and a place to install ceiling fans or grow decorative plants. Whichever style you choose has the potential to take your design to another level as well as offer a stylish yet functional outdoor space.

Furniture, Fixtures, Outdoor Kitchens & More

Furniture and fixtures are other elements to consider for your outdoor living area. You will want to make sure that you have ample seating for guests. Movable options like tables, lounge chairs, folding seats, Adirondack chairs, and outdoor rockers are the usual traditional choices. However, now is the perfect time to consider Built-In options which range from benches, planters, tables, and conversation areas.You might even like to consider a built in outdoor kitchen, grill, bar, or fireplace to enhance your outdoor living space.

Lighting Solutions for Safety, functionality, and ambiance

Lighting can be another fabulous, yet functional design element of your outdoor space and provide safety by illuminating dark areas. If your deck includes a pergola or roof, consider installing ceiling lamps for even more light. Whether you choose to install light fixtures on deck posts for well-lit areas or underneath built- in benches and stairs for subtle illumination, you will find that the properly selected lighting fixtures will complement the look, ambiance, and style while enhancing the look and value of your outdoor living area.

Enjoying your space all year round

If you live in an area where temperatures drop at night, adding a fire pit to your deck will help you stay warm while still enjoying the outdoors. Local codes determine whether it’s possible to build a fire pit in your area, so make sure you understand the regulations before adding one into your decks and patio design.

Foundation & Materials

So while we’ve given you a great deal to consider, with today’s technology and the advancement in manufacturing, the materials that you elect to construct your deck or patio will set the foundation and tone for the style of your new outdoor space.

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