Roofing Process

When it comes to roofing installation, we know it can be a dangerous task, but it’s vital in order to protect your home. If your roof needs to be replaced, there are precautions necessary to keep everything your roof covers protected while ensuring that you have a long-lasting roof you can count on for years to come. Don’t worry; we don’t want to be the ones to make you face your fear of heights, but when it comes to your Home….from the Inside Out® and hiring a roofing contractor you can trust, you deserve to know exactly what we do to install your new roof. You’ll only be asked to pick the appearance and materials you’d like for us to use, and we do everything else beyond the ladder.

Measuring and Preparing for Roofing Installation

Before we begin gathering the materials for your new roof, we first measure your roof in order to determine how much in materials and labor that it will take to complete the roofing installation process. Once this is determined, we will assist you in selecting the right materials for your home taking into consideration the style of your home, curb appeal and budget. Afterward, you will receive an estimate and upon approval, we will order the materials and then assign a crew needed to do the job.

Removing the Old Roofing Materials

Before getting started on installing your new roof, the old roofing materials need to be taken up. Here we will be able to see as well if there are any rotting boards that need to be replaced, and loose boards that need reinforcing. We sweep up everything, including dirt and old nails, so we can start with a clean base.


Next, we install your underlay. This is simply a layer that goes underneath the roofing material you’ve chosen and offers an extra layer of protection and reinforcement for your new roof. Ask us what materials we will use for the underlay of your new roof.


Finally, we install your shingles. Using chalk or another planning technique, we guide our way through getting the right fit and measurement for your shingles and roof. Also, depending on the area of your roof depends on the type of shingles we use to conform to the shape and slope of your roof.

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