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Storm & Wind Damage Services

Sometimes the aftermath left behind from a horrible storm passing through your area. You may find yourself wondering who to call or what to do after seeing or even experiencing the storm’s power of destruction. Whether it caused a tree to fall onto your house or the flood in your basement. 

Our company has the trained and experienced professionals to handle all kinds of restoration projects that could come from many different causes of weather events. From Tornadoes to Hurricanes, or from Monsoon Rainstorms to Destructive High Winds, we have the capabilities and the skills to know how to restore your property back to the original conditions.

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Georgia Has Violent Storms in all seasons

When a major storm has moved through your area and left behind tons of damage to your property. It is important to act quickly so that you may minimize the impact that it can have on your property. This can leave you dealing with a variety of types of damages that all must be handled properly and accordingly in order to protect your safety and any belongings within your property. We know when you start to surveying the damage it can lead you to feeling  overwhelmed and stressed out, but by using these 3 steps listed below you can get a grip on managing your storm clean up efforts so that they are effectively working in your favor.

The First and Foremost step is to Focus on Health and Safety:

When dealing with water damage, it is important to first make sure that all power is shut off to the house. You can do this by disengaging the main power breaker switch that supplies all power to the property from the main breaker panel. We recommend doing this because stormwater may have soaked into your walls and reached the electrical wiring. The water could have also reached the main electrical components that supply the main source of power to your property. Also, you may need to shut off the water supply to your house if you have noticed any broken pipes and avoid using the sewage system if it appears plugged.

The Second Step to Do is to Document All the Damage Done and that is Noticeable:

As soon as you can safely approach your property, you will want to take as many photographs as possible of all noticeable damage that you see. These pictures can be used as proof for your claim to the insurance company. Make sure to take an inventory of both the interior and exterior of the property, and write down everything to ensure that you keep a documented record of the damage. Finally, for the last tip in this step, be sure to follow what your insurance policy states for the procedure to take to ensure that you consult with the proper professionals for any required inspections. 

The Third Step You want to do is Repair the Roof or place heavy-duty tarps over the damaged area on the roof:

Storms tend to damage the roof of homes and businesses the hardest. Once the roof is damaged and contains an opening, water damage quickly adds to the property damage. This is why it’s important to make sure to have your roof inspected and repaired early on in your clean up efforts so that the rest of the property is protected from future storms.

The Fourth Step Is To Get Professional Help With Any Water Restoration that is needed:

Cleaning up flooded property requires a professional technique to ensure that every inch is dry. If your property has set for any length of time, it may also be necessary to do mold remediation since it only takes a matter of hours for certain types of mold to grow. While you can do your part to help remove things that are not affected by the storm, it is best to let a professional handle things such as determining whether or not your carpet can be salvaged.

The amount of damage even a short storm can do is shocking. Yet, it is possible to get it all cleaned up and save most of your property. By keeping safety in mind and working with a professional clean-up crew, you will have your property looking as good as new soon.

Insurance Process

Fire, water, storm, wind. Any of these can devastate your home and your life. Your priority must be to get the damage fixed and get back into your home.

Fire & Smoke Damage

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a fire in your home or office, then you know that the fire damage extends to more than just the property.

Flood & Water Damage

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Mold Remediation

Only when moisture allows it to grow does it become a problem. When you are presented with a mold problem in one of the buildings that you insure

Storm & Wind Damage

After a major storm, building damage can take the form of anything from missing shingles to a missing roof to broken windows to water damage.

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